Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Best of Franabelle's Fancy, 2008-2013

I didn't blog a lot in 2013, so 2014 should and will have more blog posts.

I went back through all the years of blogging, and decided there were some posts that needed to be highlighted.  It should be nice for new readers to see what I've written before.

Hope you enjoy "The Best of Franabelle's Fancy."

From 2008
Happy Birthday Sharon
Auld Lang Syne

From 2009
Caroline Sings
Regarding Joan Didion
The Peace of Wild Things
The Date is Important
Reunion Reflections
On Fran's Bookshelf
For Kismet (and Beamer)
Bedtime Prayers

From 2010
Time Marches On

From 2011
Easter Clothes at Dickson Azalea Park
Dear Alexander Pope
National Scrapbook Day

From 2012
Seen About Town

From 2013
Is NatGeo Hiring?
Prom at Summer Camps

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