Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain much?

I feel like I haven't been dry in three days.  I'm ready for the least little tiny ray of sunshine as soon as it can get here.  It's on the way :)

I will be hibernating until Sunday night - at which time my research paper will be done.  I left my library card at work (I hope that's where it is), so getting any serious research done tonight is out.  Grr.  What happened last time with regard to the writing of my paper is NOT going to happen this time.   Just sayin'.  I have a better plan this time and strategic maneuvering is involved. :-)

I have other class reading that I can do and most probably I will fall sleep before I'm finished.  Wouldn't hurt to get 40 extra winks, either, though, so that sounds to me like what they call a "win win" -

xo xo

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Clean Stamps

"The Warden" was on a cleaning jag and found some of these:

On the side it says "2005" - so that means it's been a little while since the last cleaning jag.  lmao!

I'm going to save these with some other vintage stamps I have. 

Monday, March 28, 2011


To keep from being cited for negligent non-maintenance of my blog, here are some new versions of the same old pictures.  The last two, though, are taken with the zoom lens which I am liking more.

Still waiting for the yellow on the insides of the petals to come out--not sure they will because this one is open almost all the way already

I'm getting a trellis for this one.  It's a climber anyway, so eventually I'll get a lot more blooms when it starts growing up instead of over.  No wonder the stems are so thin, d'oh!

Look at the shadow of Tokyo's ears.  Don't you think it looks like the outline of the cartoon version of Marmaduke?  Ha!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

LMAO.... no, really!

Did you read the post from yesterday where I announced, I'm a roll!

Honestly, I haven't been turned into a croissant.  I left out the word "on."

I was going to go back and edit it, and then I decided not to.  I think it's funnier that way.

Take 2:

'Cause I'm on a roll!

New "Smiley"

Ever have one of these days?

This website has all the smileys you'll ever need! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last night in class the prof told me I got full credit on my presentation last week.  Whew!  Talking in front of the class makes me sweat..... but not in the good way, lol.  After class I re-averaged my grades and if we round out to 4 places, my average is (ahem)

95!!!!!!  Which is sponsored by the letter A!!!!    :D  All I need to focus on now is kicking a$$ on my research paper, and studying like crazy for the final.

I signed up for the first 6 weeks of summer session, and I'm taking the same professor I currently have, and the class is another level of American Lit.  I can't wait!!!!  Then I'll take the 2nd summer session off for a nice little break.  Then I'm hoping to get 2 classes conquered in the fall. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures lately.  First, research paper, then pictures.  I've got open roses on 3 of 4 bushes!  I bet this weekend I'll have 4 outta 4.

'Cause I'm a roll!!!

Dame Elizabeth Taylor

The one -
The only -

Rest in peace, Ms. Taylor.  No matter how many years pass, you'll always be remembered with love and affection. Thank you for showing the world what beauty, class, and determination truly are.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Moon and Trees

The moon was a little higher than I wanted it to be when I took these.  I trespassed on a local doctor's empty parking lot to get the photos without electric lines in between the moon and the trees.  Next month I'll go around 8:20 instead of 9:40-something.  These aren't too bad, though -

Friday, March 18, 2011

A special birthday card

Caroline put extra special touches on a card she made for her dad.  It's a keeper!

Front Cover

Inside Left 

Inside Right (continuation  of front)

Back Cover

Happy Birthday to You-Know-Who-You-Are!
xo xo from JS and CG

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am fairly certain that on last year's blog I shared how much I detest the spring forward time change. 

I have not changed my mind about it this year.

Normally here I would type *lol* - but I'm too tired. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Flowers

A cute weed :)

The lone jasmine on the bush

Tiny yellow flower - not sure if this is a weed

Orange blossoms (hello, migraine!)

On the lemon tree

I always call these daisies.  Note the two bees!

More daisies, more bees!

A pretty landscape

Spring Violets

I bought a pink and white violet plant at Publix.  It's called chimera, which means "a mixture of tissues of different genetic constitution in the same part of an organism."  When it comes to violets, think of a chimera plant as a candy cane. The chimera flower is two totally different plants twisted and melted together to make one, yet each retains its distinctive color. 

I've heard if you try to root a chimera violet, the flowers will be one solid color or the other, and therefore it's not a true chimera violet.  I haven't done this to see if it's true. 

On my blooms, though, things look a little more unique than just striped.  On a single bloom, there are 2 white petals and the others are pink with some white.  Another has a stripe on one or two petals, and the others are all pink.  I've been babying them a lot, and it looks like it's paying off.  I love the look of them.

With flash--  

Without flash--

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've got some flower pix to post.  There are a lot of them, though, so I'm doing that tomorrow as right now I'm going to bed.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

still here

Some pictures to offer proof that I'm still around and in charge of this blog!

He has cleaned this weekend and last--
She makes some bold fashion choices-- 

Tokyo was smelling this flower.  It looked cute and
 I wish the pipe wasn't in front of her head :(

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I think from this moment on, I will not tell everyone in the universe when I have a big test at school, and how great I feel about it (having studied extensively), and how sure I am that I got an A.

This plan will prevent me from having to take nitroglycerin when I get said test back from the professor. 

Because I do not plan to reveal the actual grade of the midterm exam (except to Tokyo Jones), I went ahead and obsessively calculated the average for my assignments so far and my overall grade is still B plus.  At least I think it is ....... if I can still do basic addition and percentages.