Monday, December 31, 2012

31 Dec. 2012

Another New Year’s Eve! And even though I’m actually writing this on 10 January 2013, I am backdating for various reasons. First, obviously, is enhancing the low post count for 2012. (You’ll note it’s the lowest post count evah in the yearly history of the blog.) Second, there are blog-worthy photos that really have to be shared. Third, I heard on the street that I have two new readers, so I thought I would take the opportunity to highlight websites I visit and put up the links to some of my older blog posts that I’m proud of.

Photos that needed sharing:


Thrilled with his elegant Christmas tie, can't you tell?

I will feature the websites and my hall of fame posts in the next day or so because is blogger is acting wonky and I'm getting pissy with it.  So "watch this space" because more good stuff is on the way.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

More Christmas photographs

First two are practice shots
Third time's the charm!

Why are they growing up?!

Snow globe without water :)

Side view blurry, but finished
jar looked beautiful-
Pop Quiz!!
The next sound you will hear is:
(a) Another Christmas song; or
(b) Eggnog being slurped down; or
(c) My head hitting the pillow.
~ Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night ~

Yuletide 2012

Only two hours of Christmas night are left.   We are worn out, but kids are overtired and won't stay in bed.  (Ok, Mom, you can stop laughing now!)
Christmas in Florida--
Waiting for branches to fall out
Christmas lights!
Traditional new P.J.'s
Another tradition:
Caroline's "Tiger Lily" face 
Right before the harmony dissipates
I get these expressions....
Santa has left a li'l
7:10 a.m. Christmas morning ALREADY? 
Zing's 2nd Christmas with us
Who's sneaking up on me?!
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Violets in sync

My yellow violet will not be outdone by my supposedly chimera violet.  Funniest thing is, when I bought this violet, it had white flowers with purple stripes.  Now the bloom is all purple with a sorta light purple, pinkish stripe.  Three of the blooms are open, and there are at least 7 others that will open in the next couple of days.

The burgundy violet will be blooming any day now.  Rest assured, you'll see it when it does :)

My baby Caroline Grace = 10

My precious daughter Caroline Grace turned 10 years old on December 5.  How is it possible that I have two kids that are now in double digits?  Unthinkable.

I am so proud of my beautiful daughter with the laugh that sounds like a little tiny bell, her spunk & attitude wayyyy beyond her years, and that sugar sweetness smooch.

Happy Birthday Caroline!!


This is the pic that makes me
smile so big my cheeks hurt


Had a nice Thanksgiving - did not take any pictures.  Not even one.

Slacking in my old age!

Yellow violet sequence

My yellow violet is in bloom!  Check it:


In the 2nd to last photo, you can see another bloom peeking out.

This violet is called Warm Sunshine, and if you would like one, you can find them here The Violet Barn