Thursday, August 14, 2014


Felt like updating.  Job still going great, had two days this week where I made a couple of (fixable) mistakes. Today was much better.  I worked late last night and through lunch today to make up for the time I took off tonight to go to the Meet the Teacher event at the kids' school.  John Sam was nervous about meeting his teachers, but he talked with all of them except one--they moved her to a different room than she was supposed to be in and we couldn't find her. He got PE as his last class of the day, which is exactly what he wanted, and he's got classes with some of the same kids as last year. When Caroline met her teachers, most of them knew John Sam and asked him how his summer went. Then they asked her about her summer and how JS was as a big brother, and she said about halfway (or something to that effect).  Her world history teacher said the class puts on a Greek play, and she told him that was her specialty, because she's been reading a book series about gods and goddesses. She told the science teacher she didn't like raising her hand or speaking out in class, and he told her he could guarantee he'd call on her as much as everyone. She also got band, which she wanted, and the other elective was drama. She was mad she didn't get creative writing. I've always thought she be good at drama (*ahem*), but she's never expressed any interest in it. She'll be learning about it this year, though ;-)

Academically it's going to be a tough year for both of them.  We've got our "homework plan" in place so we can focus on learning, and when that is done, we can relax and unwind. Some relax by playing video games, some relax by reading books, some relax by writing.

It's been been tough to adjust to the time management issues I'm encountering. I've had to let some things go and that buggggs me.  Once the routine of school starts, I'm going to be better able to manage the smaller amount time that I have to do everything I want and need.  Staying up too late when you get into writing is very bad when you need to get up earlier in the morning than you have in about a year.  HA!  I've heard you can't really catch up on your lost sleep, but I'm gonna give it the old college try.

Cruising up to the 28th floor...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Day 2, Best Job Ever

I am happy to have completed two days of online training at the office. Tomorrow I start doing "real" work. I took some of my personal stuff in and put it on my desk.  I love having my own space, and I swear if I actually get two computer screens, I'm going to be very hard to live with for the next couple of days.  :)

Clearwater Vacay Pix

So much vacation, so little time.  How did three days go by so quickly?  I'm already saving my money for next year's trip!

Ocean in the background

View from our balcony. Hard to see it,
but "One Tree Island" is in the pic.

One of the few times I was busted taking
pictures without permission. JS said, "The
only reason we went on vaction is for
her to take pictures of us." 

What happened when I told JS
we went on vactations for other
reasons, too

First view of the ocean
(no filter on this shot) 

 Flip flops have to come off first

Step two: toes in the sand

Modeling on the beach 

Shell hunting

Also looking for shells...

Sunset - Tuesday 7/29/2014

 CGB on the shoreline

Seagulls, sunset, sand castle

Trying a Pinterest idea. The first one
(where they are farther from the camera)
looks better than the other version.

Nighttime swimming. They swam til
the hotel shut off the pool waterfalls
and underwater lights.

On the sand dunes near the
restaurant, Palm Pavillion. Hard
to believe how soft the sand was!

Sunset over sand dunes

Me on Day 1

Catching some light 

 This Pinterest idea didn't turn out too badly.

I hate toe pictures, but I'm okay
with this one b/c they're mine,
and because they look normal
with the water and foam  on them.

Ocean, morning of last day.
Much clearer than the day
before--so much seawood one
day and barely any the next.

Building and digging

CGB original atwork - skyscraper

Thursday Morning Sunrise

Little kids - big ocean - bigger world

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pending uploads

So.... I'm halfway through uploading the beach vacation pictures.  It takes foreverrrr.  I've been downloading and saving as for at least the last 2 hours.

Translation:  the next blog post is going to have many, many, many pictures.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014


There are times when "wow, just wow" and "omigod" will not suffice.

This is one of those times.

Unbelievably great day.  Long time coming, and I'm so glad it's here.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Chalet Suzanne

Chalet Suzanne is a restaurant in Lake Wales, Florida.  It was a popular place to go on our high school Prom Night because Sebring wasn't all haughty and contemporary like it is now, and there weren't any fancy restaurants to speak of, so we had to drive out of town to find one.  It took about 40 minutes or so to get to the Chalet.  I only went once and I didn't like the food much.  Historical places really interest me (always have).  I feel a teensy bit sad I haven't been back.

Maybe I'll get the chance to visit there one more time, now that I'm sure I'd appreciate it more than I did when I was in 10th grade.  We'll see.

If you like historical stories, too, you'll love the article.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Breaking up IS hard to do

Dearest Nook, HP Laptop, and Nikon D40,

Yes, I got a smart phone, but I'm not completely breaking up with you.  All of you are verrryy special to me. Never forget our love.  I still need all of you and will continue to utilize you.

But it'll be a booty call kinda thing.  


P.S.  Maybe it would hurt less if we called it conscious technology uncoupling?  You'll let me know.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Time to pimp the blog

Just b/c it's the last day of June and I've hardly posted anything this year, I mean, month, doesn't mean I'm typing an unbearably lame entry just to increase post count.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

In front of the lens

Everybody knows someone who won't get in the photo.  Or someone who stands behind all the other people in the photo, like a floating head with no noticeable imperfections.

If you are reluctant to be photographed, pleasepleaseplease read this article.  Get your a-double-s in the photo.  Your family loves you.  Your friends love you. They know you love them back.....but they need to see your love for them--you being present in the moment--and there's hardly anything better than having an image of people just loving each other.

The last couple of summers, I've even put on a bathing suit with no shorts or a coverup. Yes, I've been in better shape physically.  I've been thinner and fatter, whiter and more tan, had good hair and bad hair, and everything in between.  Yes, I'm still very self-conscious and it's tough to pretend like I'm okay with lettin' it all hang out (sorta).  The thing is, nobody cares about my cellulite except for me.  They might notice it, but so what?  It's part of me and they love every single atom of me no matter how it's packaged.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

iPhone 5s

You can call me Mrs. Darth Vader.  

Gone to the dark side, I have.

People tried to tell me what a time sucker it was to have an iPhone with so many apps connected to so many websites because the tendency to overpost is kinda fun.  And addictive.

Right now it's not so much overposting as it is trying to get everything linked or unlinked, downloaded, activated, registered, and set up.  I keep doing everything a few times because the first 2 or 3 times (or 11), I find out what I tried didn't work.

My eyes might be a little dry from today's setup endeavors, and I might or might not be more drained than the battery in the new phone.  

I still love it, though. :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Fran on Duty

The lists underneath the picture tell what happens on any given day with me.  It's implied, of course, that it all happens in between loving & parenting my #KidsWhoKeepGrowingUp!!! 

Date of pic June 4, 2014 

Real Life Shit
Plan dinners – Sat., Sun., Mon., & Tues.
Send out (more!) resumes
Yard Work

Enjoyable Shit
Drink Coffee
Hang out with Zing, a/k/a His Majesty, a/k/a as HRH (His Royal Highness)
Take pix of anything
Print pix for scrapbooking & cardmaking
Gardening – NOT the same as yard work :)
Talk and text and social media
Do-it-myself Mani/Pedi
Lemon candles
Mini Mentos