Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Schedule change

My schedule for today has changed.  Seems I'll be in and out of bed between coughing and trying to breathe without coughing instead of all the fun chores I had on the list today.

I used to get sick all.the.time.  After I got laid off, I stopped getting sick because I wasn't exposed to germs from people who think the world will stop turning if they don't come to work and spread germs.  Since I haven't had to deal with colds/flu/whatever for so long, when I do get sick, all it does is piss me off.

Poor John Sam--he feels pissy like I do because he gets rarely sick, either.

Feel the drowsy coming back on.  Will check back in when I cough myself awake.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Coughing, coughing, coughing

Not rollin' rollin' rollin' - like the Chuck Wagon? Purina?

John Sam's had a cold for the 3rd day in a row, which doesn't sound too bad until I remind everybody that when he gets sick, he has it for about one day, a day and a half MAX.  Stuffy nose alternating with runny nose isn't too bad, it's fairly standard.  Coughing so hard you can't even inhale to cough again, though, isn't bad.  It is awful.  He's more worried about ruining his healthy streak than being sick, and is majorly annoyed that it's lasted longer than most of his other colds.

Since he's had it three days, that's given me plenty of time to incubate these special magic germs, and I cough on every exhale.  I'm tired from lack of sleep because I kept waking up and waking up last night.  Why is it that when you wake up at 4:00 something, you can't go fall right back to sleep, but you can sure do it when the alarm goes off?

Taking my box of Puffs Plus to bed with me.  *sniff*  *cough*  *wheeze*  *cough again*


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Poet understudy

I've never considered myself a poet.
I've never aspired to be a poet.
I've never thought I could make the leap from fiction to poetry.
But . . .
I've never focused and tried to do it
Because . . .
I've never thought it would be good enough to be categorized as real poetry.

So . . .

I've decided I can write fiction AND attempt to craft poetry.
I've decided I don't have to be a poet to be a good writer.
I've decided to find examples of poetry I like, and model mine after them.

I found it!  It's called tanka poetry--similar to haiku.  Tanka has a total of 31 syllables in five lines, arranged in the pattern 5, 7, 5, 7, 7.  I 've written some haiku in the past, so I thought there is no reason in the world I shouldn't try this different format.

So far I've written three tanka poems.  When I re-read them, I think, "Not bad for my first few tries."

I've decided I seriously like that feeling.

The plan is to write 10-12 and then start sharing them here.  At that time, I will also engage in a li'l self promotion because I'll tweet them, too.  Maybe.

*Happy Saturday*


Friday, October 10, 2014

Fourteen (14) is this year's number

JSB is 14 years old!  Un-freaking-believable to think that on this day 14 years ago, at 8:45 pm I was pregnant, and by 8:57 pm, I was a mommy.

His idea of being a year older means a larger quantity of candy and, of course, money!!  Here's the birthday schedule we ended up with.

1. Before school: getting a one pound bag of mini Starburst.
2. After school: hanging with "AC" and Christina.
3. After work: opening cards & presents: a light box and tracing paper for his drawing obsession, and cold hard cash.  Birthday love from Zing.
4. From 5-9 pm: going to the fall festival with carnival rides and loud music, and every candy, baked good, soda, and fast food imaginable.
5. On the way to dad's after the festival: talking to Granny & Aunt Laura & family, then getting additional Nintendo time because it's his birthday.

He was so excited about the festival, he let me take a couple of pictures.


Happy Birthday to my main man.  Love you!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Job requirements

The bad news:  only ten posts in September.  The good news:   it's now the month with the most posts.

On the job search.  Again.  *dejected sigh here*  In an effort to look at the bright side, I'm sharing some of the requirements people are asking for.

“Applicant must be able to work well under pressure and have common sense, be organized and have a good work ethic.”
Damn, I was all set to apply until I read that requirement.  Everybody knows I don’t have any common sense.  ;-)

“Please do not apply if your financial needs greatly outweigh the starting salary rate.”
Can't weigh it if I don't know what the starting salary is.  Do I have to apply to find out?  

Please submit your cover letter (why should we hire you), resume, references and a writing sample in order to be considered for this position.
They should hire me for help with creating clear sentences—would that count as my writing sample?

Somewhere in the midst of all this (first world) tragedy and humor, there is a job for me. It's highly possible that I'm close to earning the professional interview degree I've always wanted.  :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Female hilarity

Caroline Grace has been hilarious lately.

Writing a reading response on a book about Helen of Sparta:  "Sword fighting and horseback riding aren’t the same as sewing and weaving."

After coughing  in my ear on the phone:  "I just swallowed wrong.  Probably some spit or something."

In general:  "I wish I had something to say about my own life."

I love my funny girl!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Website Wishes

Dear Websites,

A few suggestions on a grouchy Monday.

1.  Why don't you have a search bar at the top of your page?  Not having one results in Clicking Hell.  You know the kind, where users are forced to click on link after link trying to find what they want without success.  Yeah, I've got time to click every freaking one.  Clicking Hell was f/k/a Voice Mail Hell, where you got a gazillion choices to press but none of the ones you needed, and you had to listen to the whole message anyway because "their options have recently changed" and they rig it so pressing zero doesn't work. Clicking Hell is way worse because I can go through your whole website and still not find an answer.  At least in Voice Mail Hell if I left a profanity-laced message I'd get a call back.

2.  Could you change the defaults so the sessions don't time out after three minutes?  It's maddening to have to reenter everything I already typed because I didn't click "Yes, I'm still here" in the nanosecond that you asked if I was.

3.  Is including working phone numbers too much to ask?  Believe it or not, some people still don't have internet access.

4.  Don't redirect me to a site that doesn't allow me to use the back button, because (like #2 above), I don't want to make time to reopen a new tab to go back to your site.  Such redirection will result in my using a different website altogether.  Can you say goodbye traffic? 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On the criminal front...

Look who got arrested just today in The City Beautiful:


This is the jerk who broke into my house, stole all my jewelry, pawned it, and was $450 richer.  I've been waiting ever since for him to be taken back into custody.  Look at all those charges!  I'd like to call your attention to the classification as a "violent offender."  He's a real gem.

Most likely he's already bonded out, but I'm still going to check tomorrow to see if he actually was released. Law enforcement has a habit of letting this creep out of jail.

One thing is certain:  I'll be sending an email to the jail, police, and sheriff's office.  :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I had a clever post all typed out this a.m., and couldn't wait to finalize it and put it up here.

My good mood was ruined when I tried to use my debit card at Walgreens and discovered - AGAIN - that my debit card number was lifted.  This time, I bought someone a pair of $599 Gucci sunglasses, and helped them pick out $100 worth of weird foods at some weird food market.

Disclaimer:  The word "but" is coming presently.

I've said before........... hate is bad, BUT I'm over people who think it's okay to steal something from someone just b/c there's a hefty chance they won't ever get caught or ever repay the money they stole.  I hate it b/c these awful people don't care about the victim's life situation.  They have no idea what it's like to have to call your landlord and tell him not to cash your rent check.  What kind of effed up person would "assume" that their need for haughty sunglasses takes priority over over me housing my family?  Are you kidding meeeee??  I hate that they laugh about it b/c they know good & well they're long gone with pricey merchandise by the time their victims know anything about their money being stolen.

So, the shout-out for tonight is to whoever took my things:  please remember me when someone steals something from YOU at a time when you can least afford for it to be stolen.  That's only fair, yes?

I will put the clever post up tomorrow.  :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Magnanimity Magazine

I've posted this on every social media site except Instagram!  I'm about to burst with excitement!  I'm pleased to say I have a new micro-fiction story that appears here: 

The magazine is run by my journalist friend, Leslie Stone.  We go wayyy back, she and I.  ;)  I'm so thrilled that she's given me a chance to share my writing with a larger audience.  

Here's the link to the main page

Look for more shameless plugs in future entries.

Super Harvest Moon night is turning out to be super.  The pictures of said moon, not at all. You are spared the agony of looking at moon pictures that look exactly like the last four batches I've taken.

The moon is high, bedtime is nigh.  xoxo

Friday, September 5, 2014

Non-medical alternative

"Often, we ignore the fact that our spiritual condition and psychological state of mind are highly affected by what is happening to us physically. Sometimes depression is simply the result of exhaustion."  Tony Campolo

I believe Mr. Campolo is onto something.  I know people who think too much sleep is a sign of depression.  What if it was the other way around, and sleep helped alleviate depression in some ways?  Ooooooo, an alternative that's drug free.

Getting a full-time job is a good thing, but I've been spoiled by only working part time in the last year. Now I have less time to devote to my life outside the office. I've not worked out the time adjustments because I've been telling myself that I can stay up late to finish everything and not miss the lost sleep. 

It's not true, though. I noticed myself having less patience and a shorter fuse since I started working longer hours. I get more pissy when I'm writing and I can't finish the section because I have to go to sleep or do housework or mow the lawn instead.  Or I feel guilty when I've worked late and don't get to feed the kids until after 7:00 pm!!!  I realized my emotions are more extreme because I'm tired. Just tired, inside and out. 

No way around it--the obvious solution is making a commitment to going to bed earlier and planning as much of the next day as I can so I can get up on time and get everything done.

When I stop hitting snooze.  ;)