Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Photo Medley Dec. 2011

I knew I better post some Christmas pictures before I get a family group thrashing.  muahaha!

This isn't all of them, so more will follow when I begin tomorrow's post prior to 11:25 p.m. 

Visiting cousins when we came to Granny's
on the eve of Christmas Eve

Tree on Christmas Eve morning, auto setting on camera

Tree on Christmas Eve morning
with different camera setting ;-)

Christmas Eve poses in traditional new pajamas

After Santa visited (camera on auto)

After Santa visited (different setting) 
I like this pic a lot!

Zing lets his new toy know
who is boss dog around here!

xo xo  ** xo xo


My yearly revamp of the blog will be forthcoming closer to the new year.   Gotta get the visitors count up.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12.21.2011 - Curious!

Whoever is viewing my blog from Cape Coral, Florida, please tell me who you are!  I'm freaking out from curiosity ;-D

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dear Christmas Carter Balls

Dear Christmas Carter Balls,

I miss you.  I am terribly sorry that I have not made a batch of you for several years in a row now.  Please know that each holiday season you are constantly in my thoughts, and also in the thoughts of friends and family members who are reprimanding me for not making you--again.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Self annointed Queen of the B Plus

I shall no longer be known as Fran, I prefer to be addressed as "Her Majesty the Queen of the B Plus."

You may curtsey if you like.  LMFAO!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Charlie Brown Tree

It was time for this year's Christmas tree.  I was feeling a little anxiety (guilt??) about not being able to get a big tree like we're used to having, and was hoping the kids would not be disappointed or sad.  So we went together and got a small tree, and I called it our Charlie Brown tree, and the kids LOVED it when I said that :)

It turned out to be a beautiful tree.......just like always.......and Santa is planning on leaving some presents underneath it for my two good chickadees.....just like always.



Only 13 shopping days left!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Full house

Is it just me, or does everybody's house seem smaller now that the littles are turning into bigs??

I specifically remember not granting permission for all the growing.  Apparently my sage advice is not being listened to.  I'm used to that by now ;-D

Thursday, December 8, 2011


First two blooms from the new yellow rosebush at Harding.  When I came in the office this morning, I could smell them when I sat down at my desk.  Wow!  Velvety petals, too.  And wouldn't you agree they look gorgeous in my fancy red Corelle mug?

Have a beautiful, rosy Thursday--

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cleaning day is tomorrow

Have let the new digs go somewhat due to mi vida loca.  As of now, the final exam is done, I'm checking the weather for tomorrow, and hitting the hay.

Tomorrow, I clean.  Then I'll get out some festive decor afterwards, which is my reward for finishing the cleaning.

No before pix of the dirty house.  After decor gets put out, I might take some after pix.  Maybe not.



The three musketeers-

Monday, December 5, 2011

the actual birthday

Nine  years ago today at 7:13 a.m., Caroline Grace was born.   Here are two of my favorite baby pictures.  She was exactly 2 months old in the first one, and Papa said she looked like Granny in that one.  She was 5 months in the other photo.  She's wearing the little ring that Nana Shuman gave John Sam and her first bead bracelet, and yes, the letter blocks were purposely arranged by me to read "C.B."


That was baby Caroline.  Here is the almost 9 year old Caroline at the park, who, a few days after this picture was taken, burped on me and said, "That was the I-don't-like-what-you're-saying-burp."

This morning, when she was "really nine," she opened the last of her presents.  She thought the bigger box was a pair of shoes, and when she opened them, she said MOM I ALREADY HAVE THESE SHOES! I had used the box to be sneaky and wrap her new slippers in. Ha! Gotcha kiddo!

She took her birthday cupcakes to school and chose Olive Garden for her birthday dinner.  Goes without saying that vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream was the dessert!

The red eye feature on my camera is very bright and it makes Caroline blink her eyes, so that's the reason she has her eyes closed in a lot of pictures. 

Happy Birthday Caroline, and many more!  We all love you!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Birthday Month

When a birthday falls on a weekday, it's possible to have more than one celebration--one on the weekend, and then another on the actual day and possibly another on a different weekend.  I guess if we called it birthday month, it would be a bit more accurate.  Caroline thinks it is a smashing idea!


The top photo are the presents from John Sam, Mom & Dad.  I told her she could pick 2 to save for Monday morning.  She picked up the ones she thought she'd figured out.  Especially the tiny gift in the front of the rest--she said it was OBVIOUS what it was.  I said the color would still be a surprise :)  She left the two presents she couldn't figure out.  She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the VicTORIous themed stuff set up at Aunt Cheryl's house!  She loved all the gifts and has opened every one since we got home. Even though her eyes look a little goofy in the one closeup, her beauty still shows and it made me sentimental, so I had to put it up.  Nine years old.  How has it been nine years since she was born?!

Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2011

Did I really just type December?  I'd like to have another last week of November, if you please.  Thank you.