Monday, June 30, 2014

Time to pimp the blog

Just b/c it's the last day of June and I've hardly posted anything this year, I mean, month, doesn't mean I'm typing an unbearably lame entry just to increase post count.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

In front of the lens

Everybody knows someone who won't get in the photo.  Or someone who stands behind all the other people in the photo, like a floating head with no noticeable imperfections.

If you are reluctant to be photographed, pleasepleaseplease read this article.  Get your a-double-s in the photo.  Your family loves you.  Your friends love you. They know you love them back.....but they need to see your love for them--you being present in the moment--and there's hardly anything better than having an image of people just loving each other.

The last couple of summers, I've even put on a bathing suit with no shorts or a coverup. Yes, I've been in better shape physically.  I've been thinner and fatter, whiter and more tan, had good hair and bad hair, and everything in between.  Yes, I'm still very self-conscious and it's tough to pretend like I'm okay with lettin' it all hang out (sorta).  The thing is, nobody cares about my cellulite except for me.  They might notice it, but so what?  It's part of me and they love every single atom of me no matter how it's packaged.


Saturday, June 14, 2014

iPhone 5s

You can call me Mrs. Darth Vader.  

Gone to the dark side, I have.

People tried to tell me what a time sucker it was to have an iPhone with so many apps connected to so many websites because the tendency to overpost is kinda fun.  And addictive.

Right now it's not so much overposting as it is trying to get everything linked or unlinked, downloaded, activated, registered, and set up.  I keep doing everything a few times because the first 2 or 3 times (or 11), I find out what I tried didn't work.

My eyes might be a little dry from today's setup endeavors, and I might or might not be more drained than the battery in the new phone.  

I still love it, though. :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Fran on Duty

The lists underneath the picture tell what happens on any given day with me.  It's implied, of course, that it all happens in between loving & parenting my #KidsWhoKeepGrowingUp!!! 

Date of pic June 4, 2014 

Real Life Shit
Plan dinners – Sat., Sun., Mon., & Tues.
Send out (more!) resumes
Yard Work

Enjoyable Shit
Drink Coffee
Hang out with Zing, a/k/a His Majesty, a/k/a as HRH (His Royal Highness)
Take pix of anything
Print pix for scrapbooking & cardmaking
Gardening – NOT the same as yard work :)
Talk and text and social media
Do-it-myself Mani/Pedi
Lemon candles
Mini Mentos