Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I resolve to take action

Instead of resolutions, I've decided to make [another] to-do list.  The goal is to finish these items by February 28, and then make another list.

1) Get back yard cleaned up.  Monster task.
2) Read all the books I have piled on the first shelf of my bookcase, meaning all the books signed by the author.
3) Make outline for getting-longer-every-time-I-work-on-it story.  It needs a skeleton.
4) Clean top shelves of bedroom closets.  Not even sure what’s up there.

Sometimes resolutions I've made haven't resulted in much.  When my first list is done, I will have accomplished a lot.  Feeling satisfied with a job well done is one thing I "resolve" to do in 2014.

1 comment:

  1. Action is my word for this year too - I'm trying to take action on things when I think about them instead of procrastinating and waiting until it's too late, which is a charming habit of mine. Good luck!