Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vintage trinkets

The salon I go to is near some second hand shops and antiques stores.  I went to a few of them, and I noticed a ceramics shop near where I park.  The ceramic Christmas tree I made a long time ago needed a star for the top because the one I bought when I got the colored bulbs was too small. I went inside the shop and found some toppers that are the perfect size, and I say "some" because two of the ribbon trees we made this past year needed stars, too, so I bought extras for those.  I'd put a picture of them here, but they're already packed up in the holiday stuff.  No worries about them being on the blog at the end of this year.

An entire wall in the shop had vintage items.  So...of course I had to look--ended up buying a couple of things.

The ship isn't genuine vintage because its inscription is dated 1997.  The oil lamp probably isn't old enough to be considered vintage, either.  I don't care if they're "jenn-you-ine" vintage or not.  They're unique and I like unique.

I'll get a chance to go there again the next time I get my hair done.