Friday, August 16, 2013

"Prom" at Wadeview Summer Camp

When moms have babies, they know they're going to grow up.  But then it happens, and moms just aren't ready sometimes. 

Here's what I saw today.

Helping with the tie--

Who is this young man?

And this young lady?

When asked to do a swag shot:
 She can do the Angelina Jolie leg too!
The evil look translates to "you are embarrassing us......again." 

My two little walking hearts


  1. OMG she Blogged!~!~! I am in such awww of these pictures I can not believe how grown up they look. It seems like yesterday we were feeding Caroline and Dylan bottles and John Samuel was holding SkyeNina where does the time go. These are something special I am one PROUD Aunt Waura!~!~!~! XO XO XO :) Love them!~!~!~

  2. What adorable pictures of the kids going to their dance! Summer's gone & now, the beginning of yet another school year! This is going to be a great year for ALL & seeing old friends & making new ones plus the added factor of learning new "stuff" is exciting & challenging! Have a grand new year & study hard my dear sweet "young adults!!" I love you ALL! Md/Granny Old

  3. Ok we are giving this another go with the comment. I can not believe how cute these pictures are. They are growing up so fast and JS looking so HANDOSME and CG looking simply beautiful. It seems like yesterday I was feeding CG out of her bottle over at Granny's. I love these memories... I love them!~!~! :) XOXOX