Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Photo Medley Dec. 2011

I knew I better post some Christmas pictures before I get a family group thrashing.  muahaha!

This isn't all of them, so more will follow when I begin tomorrow's post prior to 11:25 p.m. 

Visiting cousins when we came to Granny's
on the eve of Christmas Eve

Tree on Christmas Eve morning, auto setting on camera

Tree on Christmas Eve morning
with different camera setting ;-)

Christmas Eve poses in traditional new pajamas

After Santa visited (camera on auto)

After Santa visited (different setting) 
I like this pic a lot!

Zing lets his new toy know
who is boss dog around here!

xo xo  ** xo xo

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  1. I love all the pictures from Chirstmas and Zing the dog with his toy... too cute. I can not get FB to upload my photos from Christmas but one at a time and it is makes me pissy so I will work on that later.. Call me before NEXT YEAR.... bwahahah I love them.... miss you all!~!~!