Monday, December 5, 2011

the actual birthday

Nine  years ago today at 7:13 a.m., Caroline Grace was born.   Here are two of my favorite baby pictures.  She was exactly 2 months old in the first one, and Papa said she looked like Granny in that one.  She was 5 months in the other photo.  She's wearing the little ring that Nana Shuman gave John Sam and her first bead bracelet, and yes, the letter blocks were purposely arranged by me to read "C.B."


That was baby Caroline.  Here is the almost 9 year old Caroline at the park, who, a few days after this picture was taken, burped on me and said, "That was the I-don't-like-what-you're-saying-burp."

This morning, when she was "really nine," she opened the last of her presents.  She thought the bigger box was a pair of shoes, and when she opened them, she said MOM I ALREADY HAVE THESE SHOES! I had used the box to be sneaky and wrap her new slippers in. Ha! Gotcha kiddo!

She took her birthday cupcakes to school and chose Olive Garden for her birthday dinner.  Goes without saying that vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream was the dessert!

The red eye feature on my camera is very bright and it makes Caroline blink her eyes, so that's the reason she has her eyes closed in a lot of pictures. 

Happy Birthday Caroline, and many more!  We all love you!

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  1. Beautiful pictures of "Miss Caroline Grace Baumgardner!" May you have many, many more and may they get happier each year! I love you! Granny Old