Saturday, December 3, 2011

Birthday Month

When a birthday falls on a weekday, it's possible to have more than one celebration--one on the weekend, and then another on the actual day and possibly another on a different weekend.  I guess if we called it birthday month, it would be a bit more accurate.  Caroline thinks it is a smashing idea!


The top photo are the presents from John Sam, Mom & Dad.  I told her she could pick 2 to save for Monday morning.  She picked up the ones she thought she'd figured out.  Especially the tiny gift in the front of the rest--she said it was OBVIOUS what it was.  I said the color would still be a surprise :)  She left the two presents she couldn't figure out.  She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the VicTORIous themed stuff set up at Aunt Cheryl's house!  She loved all the gifts and has opened every one since we got home. Even though her eyes look a little goofy in the one closeup, her beauty still shows and it made me sentimental, so I had to put it up.  Nine years old.  How has it been nine years since she was born?!

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