Saturday, December 10, 2011

Full house

Is it just me, or does everybody's house seem smaller now that the littles are turning into bigs??

I specifically remember not granting permission for all the growing.  Apparently my sage advice is not being listened to.  I'm used to that by now ;-D


  1. What a motley crew!!!!!!!!! And yes, they are all growing up too fast! Your house looked quite festive & we ALL enjoyed your hospitality! My poinsettia made it home quite safely & adds to my decor. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! Love them ALL! Tell Zing that Santy Claus is STILL watching him! He's quite the character, isn't he?

  2. We loved your new house it is so sweet and warm... We so much enjoyed coming to see you guys.... Been a while... Zing is a trip... Can not wait until the 23rd.. Love them xoxxoxoxoxxo