Thursday, January 12, 2012

Technical difficulties

a/k/a the reason I can't figure out why my blog won't upload any pictures.  Did you notice the photo is missing from the top, and also the name of the blog has mysteriously disappeared? 

I keep getting some lame ass error message--in red, no less--that says, we're sorry, but you have blabbity blabbity blah and includes a link that gives me absolutely no solution to fix what they're so sorry about.

Vexed doesn't even begin to cover it. 

I have so many photos that I haven't posted.  They're too old, and now they're irrelevant.  For example, I got a beautiful cell phone photo of the historical Christmas star in downtown Orlando.  Maybe I can hang onto it until this Christmas?  Plan ahead!  lol

When I get to the bottom of this technical c-r-a-p, regular posting shall commence.  And it WILL include photos or I will have to go postal.

xo xo xo

1 comment:

  1. Ok I was beginning to think you were not a blogger anymore, Mine did the same thing and Then I just went back and changed the color and the picture and then it went back to normal whatever normal is today.. I am glad to see you still have your sense of HUMOR.... Keep it, it is the only way... LQTM Miss them and love them.... xoxoxxooxxo ;0) Laurajean's Giggles...