Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Funnies

Caroline has a funny sense of humor.  Examples follow:

Recently I've been having a hard time getting her up in the morning.  I asked her to let me know if there was anything that might help her. She said, "Yes, you know when you come in and shove me?"  All I could say to keep from laughing is tell her I just shake her leg a little.  Anyway, it translates to her asking me not to make a lot of noise when I go into her room to say it's wakeup time. "And don't turn on the light," she said.  I asked her if it was okay if I still shoved her, and we both laughed.

Tonight she asked me to move her bed because her little owl box fell behind the headboard.  When I got it far away from the wall, she started climbing right over said headboard.  I told her I wasn't sure it would hold her.  She told me she was okay because she had bed smarts.


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