Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sorosis Luncheon

My grandma (and the kids' great-grandma) invited me to a luncheon at her Sorosis Society.  It was only a few blocks away from where I work.  I met so many nice ladies and the food was good, especially the brownies, ha!

Grandma said the reason she invited me to today's luncheon was because the guest speaker was from Canine Companions for Independence.  She had a Labrador/Golden Retriever mix named Cosby.  She was only seven months old, and it startled me how much she looked like Beamer in the face!!  The handler told me when it would be an appropriate time for me to sneak in a few love pats on Cosby.  So I did--she was pretty obedient, but did try to lick my hand and the handler corrected her.  She mentioned they were still working on that.

It was a wonderful lunch and the presentation was so much fun. :)

I may have already linked this, but if not, have a look if you'd like: Canine Companions for Independence  

Another site you might enjoy:  Guiding Eyes Service Dogs for Children tith Autism

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