Monday, January 3, 2011

Snags on Monday

Or, business as usual--sometimes.  ;-p

Strange snags at work kinda limited our productivity today.  Wonky all the way around.  People had stuff to do and were getting antsy.  I think tomorrow will be better.

I'm happy to say that the kids and I started the day well!  We were on time, forgot nothing, and everybody had breakfast.  Tonight, their homework is done and packed, and I have some mathematics of my own to handle.  Does that sound important? It translates to balance the checkbook . . . LOL!

The new class starts tomorrow night.  (Sidenote: I got the textbooks from and saved some $, and I realized I can probably sell a few of my used texts that aren't too beat up.)  I've heard positive comments from fellow students who have had the professor before.  Regarding this class, I know one thing for sure:  If there is a paper for the final, I am starting it this weekend.  heeeeeee!

P.S.  I decided that I'm not going to do "labels" or "tagging" this year, unless I mention a name or website or anything else that needs crediting.  Just sayin--

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