Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bad Rain, Good Class

I came home in between work and class because I thought maybe class might be cancelled thanks to the monsoon that passed through here tonight.  In a way it was a good thing because I hadn't typed a response to one of the reading assignments.  I was going to take a zero on it. I started typing one anyway because I thought I could take it next week.

However, the class was not cancelled, so I took my completed homework and got in the car to drive through the monsoon up to college.  I left about 10 after 6, and at first I thought, I'll never make it.  Then I decided to concentrate on driving safely and not look at the clock.  I said out loud to myself, I'm going to make it on time with a few minutes to spare because I am going to get a primo parking spot right in front of the building where my class is.

Made it!  AND got the curbside spot!

ADDED BONUS:  The class was so worth the PITA weather.  :)

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