Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-2001 The Bee and a Resilient Rosebush

This is a rose from the rosebush that has survived the two recent history-making freezes.  It's huge IRL.  Look at the dew on the side view.  Tough yet delicate.  Its unusual color is so lovely!!

Then there was a small bee flitting around, and I tried to get closeups of him (her?).  I think the zoom lens would work better for bee photos, but since it takes me about 10 minutes reading page 8 of my manual to change the regular lens to the zoom one, I will have to sneak up on Mr./Ms. Bee another day.  The first one is my favorite because the wings are clear enough that you can see both of them.  On the next two, the bee is on the right side of the photo--in front of the brown plant in one, and by the dirt in the planter of the other one.  In the last one, it's on the left in front of a green leaf.


Today I am full of gratitude for the beauty of nature.

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