Sunday, October 31, 2010

Teen Titans of Halloween 2010

Presenting "Robin" and "Raven" from the cartoon series TEEN TITANS!


The Teen Titans are tough superhero crimefighters, which is why these two are trying as hard as they can to look like Billy & Betty Bada$$ - lol.  Caroline said she didn't care about the big holes in her tights...until we got to the festival.  She used the towel as a wrap instead of a cape.  That would've never happened if she had listened to her mother, who told her she didn't need to put the tights on at 11:30 a.m.  (Moms do know a little, especially at Halloween.)  I saw John Sam run off from the cotton candy line with what I assumed was his second stick.  He bounced & bounced and she got to bounce some too.  We didn't get a lot of Halloween loot either.  All the prizes were candy, so a big haul was inevitable if they'd only gone around to some of the games. 

It took John Sam about 3 shampoos to get the black color out of his hair.  Caroline didn't have a lot of blue color left because she already practiced with a lot of it while I was doing something else and after she put on the tights I told her to wait to put on.

It's beyond me how I can get a grip on tomorrow being the first day of NOVEMBER.  The holiday frenzy is just around the corner!

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