Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mom of the Year

Thanks to MIX 105.1, a/k/a the bestest local radio station in Orlando and surrounding areas, I won tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in October. You know what this  means...... I'll be mom of the year for a while. They are going to deliver the tickets to me at work, and the fellow said they'd take pix for the website - woohoo! It'll be fun to link that and hopefully I'll get my own pix to post on Instagram/FB.  If I'd had a video of how she reacted when I told her I won, it would make your day. I'll never forget it!! The link to the best radio station is MIX 105.1

I heard it's supposed to be cold tomorrow. Actually, colder, and possibly coldest. I have to chuckle when weather people say it's the coldest night of the year. Um, we're only in February; it's not like we're deep into 2015.

I realized tonight that I have to get some more short stories finalized so I can continue to put new stuff on the new magazine's website. Nothing like a deadline to get the creative juices flowing. I am now on the front page of the magazine as a regular columnist. Just in case anybody missed the link, here it is again. Magnanimity Magazine  If you click on my picture or somewhere in the vicinity, you will get redirected to the page with my three stories.  All I can think of is how I always said I wanted to be a columnist. #RisingStar

I've been working on getting my Twitter followers numbers up. Last count I had 431. You never know, one of those 431 could be the lucky one who discovers me and my monster writing talent. I had no idea there was such a big market for erotica. I might try that if I can't get anything else published.  *snort* I am continually amazed with the poetry people create and share. Brave and talented is how I would describe them. I'ma get up in there, too, mark my words.

Check back on TGIF for cool new pictures!

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