Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Activities of late:

I cleaned off the desk in "Scrapbook Center" and have been working on the laptop in there instead of at the kitchen table. I had to move a couple of piles onto the table, though, but at least we all have a spot at the place we're supposed to eat. I like having a place to work that isn't mobile. I leave it a certain way when I go to bed, and when I get a chance to sit back down, it's the same way I left it. *heart smiley here*

I sent two stories to two contests. Hope to win or at least be on the top 3 honorable mention list. I'm getting ready to put all my sections of the big story into one piece. The majority of the writing is done, but I still have a little more to finish. A few more contests have closing dates in February, so they're getting some entries from me fairly soon.

Job has been going good the last few days, better than it has been. My 90 days is up next week. Fingers crossed, lmao. Meaning, kinda sorta lmao because it's really not funny.

I've had to use Firefox as my browser since I lost my beloved Google Chrome. I believe I've already mentioned here that I can't stand it. When I'm trying to listen to iHeart Radio, it stops playing after a few minutes, and won't begin to play unless I move the mouse or touch a key. Really? That never happens on Explorer or Chrome.

This is probably a shocker, but I don't have plans for Valentine's Day. In the movie When Harry Met Sally, one character sent flowers to herself to make someone jealous. I briefly considered sending flowers to myself just because I love flowers! The money will be better spent on gasoline. Maybe some chocolate, haha.

Speaking of gas, the last time I filled up, it was $21. A while back, the same amount would've been $40. When I heard the pump shut off and looked at the total, I thought it had stopped pumping in the middle of filling up. Nope! Woohoo! Also noticed that finally Walmart and Target have lowered their milk prices within ten cents of Aldi's $3.69.

Orchids are doing well. All  have new leaves, and one is growing like crazy. I'm thinking it means that one is more acclimated to less light than the others that used to be outside. I moved them all inside at Christmas time so they wouldn't block the view of our tree. After I took the tree down, I moved them where the tree was, except for a couple that have to go back outside because they were used to more sun and need it to flourish. I'm anxious for them to bloom because I can't remember which color & variety is in which pot. My violets are freaking boss when it comes to blooms (as usual). I cut a leaf from the yellow one and stuck it in the dirt. It rooted and there are 3 new leaves poking up. That hardly ever happens. I'm trying it again with the mini violet to see if it will root also.  The rosebush in the backyard has been freed from the ferns and has been receiving coffee grounds for fertilizer. Last check it had new growth on 4 little branches, and two little rosebuds.

Picture is from April 2008, posted because I don't like blog posts with no photos. xoxo

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