Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Un-dreaded Tuesday

I'm thrilled to report that it was not a dreadful Tuesday for me. It started out with minor annoyances--meh, easy ones to let go. Then I get to the office, and the time flies so fast. In the good way :)

Came home, ate pot roast, rice, and raw cukes & carrots. JS was still hungry and made 4 pieces of jelly toast, even though there wasn't a morsel of the pot roast left. :O

Dishes washed, kitchen cleaned, and another load of clothes in the dryer thanks to BBQ sauce and jelly on the white polo shirt, of course.

His Royal Highness was escorted briskly around the park with his ever-present entourage, which consists of me and the two chickadees who are getting way too old to be called chickadees anymore.

Both kids are cleaned up and about to be herded into bed after Caroline's clarinet practice. Fresh laundry folded or hung.

I plan to write a little. The last time I worked on poetry or fiction was Nov. 21. I couldn't believe it when I checked. I've been reading more, but I think this is the longest time spent away from the story in recent months.

Trying to post every day for a month for the #NaBloPoMo challenge I saw on Twitter. It stands for "National Blog Posting Month." Let's see if this helps me keep a consistent deadline. ha ha

And there you have it: "Lifestyles of the (Someday Will Be) Rich & Famous." I wanted to document the everyday things that happen so it will remind me of all I have to be grateful for when I'm feeling icky.

Tomorrow--installment #3.

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