Friday, December 19, 2014

So we skipped a blog day....

I love the royal "we" - lol!

Not backdating for the missed Thursday post.  Oh gee.

Instead, I'll just post a Christmas party pic. Taken in front of one of the four Christmas trees in the various ballrooms we had.  I don't know what kind of desserts I ate--tasted chocolately and coffee-ish.  Don't normally care for coffee flavor, but it was sinfully good.  And I totally wanted to steal one of the adorable little dishes they had!  HA!  (Insider joke to my mom who gets whatever she damn wants with her big ass purse.)

I don't know the people at the new place too well, but everybody made me feel very welcome. I must say, November is the time of year to start a job. This is the biggest bunch of party animals I've worked with ever.  Eating and drinking for every little occasion.  Mmhmmmm.  Good place to be!

Party on!  Dec. 19, 2014

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