Friday, December 12, 2014

Minutiae Musings Vol. 6

Volume 6 long overdue.  Also classified as first world vents and observations ;-)

Businesses--especially gas stations, doctor's offices, and major office buildings--need to put the street number on the outside of their buildings. Knowing you're located at "5719 Rainbow Lane" ain't gonna help me if I can't see the "5719" anywhere on the outside of your establishment!  Traffic is bad enough without having to toodle around the same three blocks a bunch of times just to figure out which structure is yours.

It's the season of commercials. Currently I'm into the Vizio HD television ads.  The Thanksgiving one with the Jack Russell and Great Danes was hilarious, and now the Christmas one is funny too.  I woulda been the chandelier girl for sure!  I usually mute most of the commercials and watch them without the sound.  They are ridiculously dumb when you realize how much the visual aspects are affected by the lack of audio. It's similar to watching someone else car dance.  They look goofy because we can't hear the sounds they can. 

All the holiday lights made me notice how many of my neighbors have beveled glass windows in doors and full-length pane windows leading into their foyers, or huge windows in formal rooms that have open curtains.  I wonder why they don't mind if people can see into their house at night.  I leave my mini blinds at a certain angle so people can see the Christmas tree, but I turn off the inside lights so I'm not on stage under a spotlight in the privacy of my own home. The rest of the year, they're closed when it's dark.

Glad to report the job is still going good! The days go by so fast, but I'm not completely drained and dreading the next day like at "the other place."  It's nice to enjoy short rides to and from the office and not try to figure out some legit reason not to go there so I won't have chest pain.  Ahhh.

I found my red & green ornament-shaped oil lamps a while back, and it's cool to finally have them at Christmas. I have a set of red & green square votives, too, and they look quite festive matched up.

I love my morning radio station, but they need to cut back on certain songs. When my alarm goes off the first time, a particular song will be on when I hit snooze.  Then, not even two hours later, as I'm getting ready to leave to take kids to school, the same song comes on. They seem to be played in the same order, too.  And another thing....why is it that when you get in the shower, they seem to play the three or four songs you're most currently sick of, and then you're stuck listening to them because you can't change the station while you're in said shower? Ugh.

Random photo so post is not photo-less.  Watercolor is one of my new favorite things.

I'm tired. You know if I'm too tired to muse about minutiae, I'm too tired.


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