Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hallo-tweenie Party

Caroline had a big time with her friends Summer and MacKenzie at her Halloween party.

Caroline is "Annabeth Chase," who is the main character of the book series, "The Heroes Of Olympus."  She freehanded the design on the front and the back of her shirt (thank you Google images!), hand sewed a sheath for her dagger, and altered the dagger with paint and nail polish to get the correct color combo.  Owl pendant, shorts, tennis shoes, and ponytail to the side, and she was ret-to-go.

MacKenzie is into geography and history, so she was "Denmark."  Summer was a hippie groovy girl. Charlee and her boyfriend Chris kept the activities running smoothly so the grownups could take video and pix.

Soda. Candy. Pizza. Candy. Crafts. Candy. Fire pit. Candy. Marshmallows. Candy. Balloons. Candy.

Did I mention candy?

Tomorrow night:  "Real" Halloween!

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