Friday, October 31, 2014

All Hallow's Eve 2014

I kept telling everybody I put the Halloween pictures on the blog.... but I had them confused with the Halloween party pictures. 

We've already met Caroline as Annabeth Chase, and there I am with my Day of the Dead makeup (of course, one of my top 3 fave color combos: red/white/black), and Caroline did the makeup for John Sam as Frankstein. They both took pillowcases for candy collection.  I ran out of candy four times, so I raided leftover candy from the party, and two different times, the kids came back here to trade a little candy and "donate" the candy they didn't like to the cause, and I was back in the candy bid-ness. I finally put a sign out front that the candy was gone. 

However, I do know where John Sam hid his huge ziploc bag of candy. I did not take anything that he only had one of. Good thing there were more than a couple Butterfingers--

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