Monday, September 22, 2014

Website Wishes

Dear Websites,

A few suggestions on a grouchy Monday.

1.  Why don't you have a search bar at the top of your page?  Not having one results in Clicking Hell.  You know the kind, where users are forced to click on link after link trying to find what they want without success.  Yeah, I've got time to click every freaking one.  Clicking Hell was f/k/a Voice Mail Hell, where you got a gazillion choices to press but none of the ones you needed, and you had to listen to the whole message anyway because "their options have recently changed" and they rig it so pressing zero doesn't work. Clicking Hell is way worse because I can go through your whole website and still not find an answer.  At least in Voice Mail Hell if I left a profanity-laced message I'd get a call back.

2.  Could you change the defaults so the sessions don't time out after three minutes?  It's maddening to have to reenter everything I already typed because I didn't click "Yes, I'm still here" in the nanosecond that you asked if I was.

3.  Is including working phone numbers too much to ask?  Believe it or not, some people still don't have internet access.

4.  Don't redirect me to a site that doesn't allow me to use the back button, because (like #2 above), I don't want to make time to reopen a new tab to go back to your site.  Such redirection will result in my using a different website altogether.  Can you say goodbye traffic? 

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