Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Minutiae Musings Vol. 5

Another installment of . . . musings about minutiae.

The car sticker that says "Salt Life" really looks like it says "Slut Life."  I think I might get one just because of it.

I saw some Halloween stuff for sale.  On Labor Day weekend, ya'll.  I wonder how many people go ahead and buy it as soon as it's put out so they don't have to buy gross candy at the last second, which should be on or before September 23, at which time they'll break out the Christmas items.  Maybe I'll do the same!

Which is worse:  unfollowed, unfriended, or un-Linked? I've been getting notifications from Twitter about new followers. I thought it was great until I noticed my number of followers is the same, and stays the same no matter how many new people they've mentioned. Odd!

P.S. I have a couple more clever things to post, but I am so tired.  Gotta get them up!

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