Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tomorrow I’ll post about things I’m thankful for. Today, however, is one long petty vent.

Clean up after your dog. This doesn’t mean everyone but you. There’s no excuse for your dog to go to the bathroom right next to the poop bag pickup dispenser that the City gives you free of charge and not clean up.

These “all in for clean air” radio commercials and billboards are annoying the crap out of me. If you are in a city park outside, and someone is smoking next to you, get your derriere off the bench and move out of the vicinity of the smoke. Just like, if a car was running and stinky diesel fumes were coming out of the exhaust, you would move somewhere else. You wouldn’t create a website and an advertising campaign to rid the world of cars that use diesel fuel. Trying to outlaw cigarettes in outdoor public parks is stupid. And selfish. And, probably illegal. At least I hope it is.

November is for celebrating Thanksgiving. It’s not the warmup lap for Christmas. Is it silly that I feel Thanksgiving gets the shaft every year? Heck, Halloween even got ripped off somewhat. Is there anybody really out there who buys Halloween candy and tinsel at the same time? If you do, please post a comment because I’d like to meet you.

Why isn’t anyone bitching about gas prices anymore? Currently it’s $3.26 per gallon. When gas prices first started going up a couple of years ago, everybody was outraged, but now, it’s just the new status quo. Yeah, yeah, it’s not $4.03—but who else remembers when it was $1.88 per gallon? I do, and we need to get back to that.

Speaking of high prices, the coffee creamer I use has gone from $1.89 to $4.79. Huh?! That’s one little luxury that has now been eliminated from my budget. The creamer is delicious, but hardly worth $4.79.

If you’d like to cut in front of me at Publix, I would mind a whole lot less if you would just ask if you can go first since you have 1 item and I have 12 items. I’d gladly let you check out first. You don’t need to gab on your cell phone and act like you’re not paying attention and drift in front of me accidentally. Also, it is horrifying to hear you tell the person you’re talking to that you’ve had a stomach virus for a couple of days…….right before you cough on me.

The tiny dry scratch in my throat needs to move along. That’s right baby, just MOVE ALONG. I’m not hosting you for Thanksgiving. Sorry!

I believe I’ve covered everything on my mind. Thanks for listening!

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  1. This was the #1 post for this year I give it a 10+..... I have never laughed so hard in my life. You go girl.. I can not believe you are working at a law firm instead of being a writer.... Thank you for making my Wednesday wonderful... :0) I love them~!~! xxoxoxoxo