Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Lady @ the Intersection

Most mornings on my way to work, I get stopped by a certain red light at a certain intersection. The impatient side of me is vexed by that, but I realized there is serendipitous reason the light catches me.   A black lady walks up to that intersection every day. She is dressed in business attire and carries a purse and a small suitcase. She also happens to carry a white stick with red on the bottom because she is blind.

She stops for the light, and when it turns green and she has the right of way, she crosses the street. She keeps her stick in front of her, tapping it to the left and right. When she gets to the other side, she turns onto the sidewalk and keeps walking. I don’t know where her destination is. I see her almost every day, though, and she is amazing.  She knows exactly where she's going.

Her steps are confident, not hesitant or timid. She doesn’t stumble or make a misstep. She doesn’t miss her left turn or forget to dodge the branches of the tree on the right side of the sidewalk that are a little too low—she goes right around them. If it weren’t for the stick, nobody would realize she had a disability.

I have the blessing of sight, but there are times when I just can’t see my next step. I stumble, hesitate, crash and burn. I envy that lady’s poise and how she can anticipate obstacles in her way and pass them by gracefully.

I aspire to be like the lady at the intersection. And I will be her…… even if it takes me a little longer to get there than I have the patience for.

Later after din-din I will post pictures that aren't related to each other in any way at all, except that they've all been stuck in my camera for quite some time. This is in no way an attempt to boost the pitifully low post count.  ;0

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