Thursday, November 17, 2011

Arbitrary photos

I don't know if I've ever seen a
butterfly with stripes like this.  Have you?
Taken in front yard foliage at Harding.

Just an expression I love from my sweet JS 

This succulent looks like a rose,
which of course is why I bought
it.  I googled and think it is
"echeverria" but I'm not sure
which variety it is.

I've always hated on hibiscus flowers. 
They just bug me.  BUT this nice
red one in front of the house made
me take a photo of it.  Pretty!

My attempt at photo'ing the almost full moon
on the day before the full moon.  Not great

These are the first 3 blooms from
one of my brand new housewarming
rosebushes. Yes, they smell as pretty
as they look.  Everyone at work has
commented on them :) 

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  1. Hewhoa! Loved the pictures & I had just asked you about the butterfly picture in my last e-mail! Glad you're enjoying the roses...I love you! Mami'