Friday, September 2, 2011

Remember that list?

I told you I'd find the list I made about being a compulsive list maker.  :)

Step 1:   Make the list.
Step 2:   Misplace the list.
Step 3:   Spend a freakishly long period of time searching for the list.
Step 4:   Make a new list in a pissy mood, knowing I'm forgetting things that were on my original list.
Step 5:   Make a sweep of the house in a last ditch effort to locate the first list.
Step 6:   Take Prilosec before I leave to go to whatever store & buy the items on my list.
Step 7:   Wander around each aisle of the store to try to remember what I'm forgetting.
Step 8:   Give up and check out.
Step 9:   Come home and put all the stuff up.
Step 10:  Go to desk to log the receipts in my check register. 
Step 11:  Sit down, move a few things, and find the old list in one minute or less . . . and immediately notice two items I didn't get because they weren't on the new list.

The reason I have a notebook in my purse, one at my office, and one with my school stuff is because I have to write it down as soon as I think of it or it's forgotten.  Sometimes combining all the lists into a single list is tedious, but I love feeling efficient.  And I definitely LOVE crossing stuff off the lists!  I'm sure there must be other people who do what I do--put stuff on their lists that they've already done just so they can cross them off.  ;-)


  1. This is why I never make a list because when I do I buy million more things then are written on "THE LIST"..... Funny stuff you been posted lately I love it and you!~!~!~!~

  2. You should feel great about finding your list! I hide things & search for hours to find them..sometimes even days...& then into the next week...I especially love doing that at Christmas.....Love, Santa Mouse