Saturday, September 10, 2011


Caroline decided to take certain Kathy Perry song lyrics very literally.  It's the one that says:  There's a pounding in my head, glitter all over the room, pink flamingos in the pool............So when she sang the song with her microphone in her room, she used powdery scrapbook glitter (that sticks to everything so it can get tracked throughout the house, breezeway and yard) as a real prop during rehearsal. 

Then she decided she'd vacuum it up, only she has never used the vacuum before.  She did her room, the hallway, and this section by the front door.  When I took this picture, she told me not to take her picture because vacuuming wasn't that much fun.  Notice the slippers!  ha!

Here is John Sam, multi-tasker:  Holding the remote, feet on the couch, and talking to cousins on my cell phone about Nintendo, all while watching something apparently quite riveting on the TV.

P.S.  I had to use today's date in the blog title because of the sequence and because of the geek in me.  I did it last year too!  ;0

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