Thursday, September 1, 2011

Clearing up and cracking up

Apparently confession is good for the soul.  I feel better today.  To borrow from Bill Maher, "Hey, I'm just reporting."  Meaning, I was just reporting my thoughts yesterday.

What I wanted to say was how startled I am sometimes when I see myself in a mirror or window.  I look my age instead of the way I picture myself based on how I feel on the inside.  If I avoid my reflection, though, I can still picture myself as the younger version of myself.  The better one, lol.

I do know true beauty comes from within. I think that means figuring out I'm more than just what I look like and being okay with that.   It would also be a good thing to be comfortable enough to see myself as I actually look and discover that my outside already matches my inside.

I also know I have friends and family who love me and support me even if I look like a troll.  Unconditional love is like that, and it never, ever gets wrinkles or gray hair.  :)

Two quips before I sign off and slap on some moisturizer, lmao!

Caroline, to John Sam as we waited in Chick-Fil-A driveup:  One person does all the work really fast, and the rest of them just pass it down.

Me:  John Sam, do not eat Cheerios when I am making dinner.
Me:  Son, you are not starving.
JS:  Well, I'm something similar!

xo xo xo

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  1. Yes all of my kids tell me they are straving when I am cooking dinner and I tell them I can not cook under pressure.... HEE HEE.... Love to all...