Friday, May 13, 2011

Online again at last

The website has been down since last night.  I lost some posts and everyone else I know who has their blog with blogger was freaking about posts they had lost also.  Sometime in the last few hours it has been back online.  I have to post this little video clip of John Sam at his school program. It was called From the Inside Out:  A Musical Review Celebrating Positive Character through Songs and Narration.  Very positive messages; good stuff for the kids to hear.

JS doesn't even need cheat sheets to speak his lines! He enjoyed performing as much as we enjoyed watching.  After the applause, at about the 45 second mark, I do a fine job of filming the floor and recording people talking.  So it's okay to stop the tape after that.  :D

Here's what we're doing this weekend.  Sleeping in, going to Michael's, jump-starting on reading homework (I know....), putting up my trellis which I have been meaning to do for about 3 weekends now, pedicure, manicure, and any other relaxing things I can think of.

Love and xo,
B-4 + Tokyo

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