Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Tree of Christmas

I get tired of calling it a Christmas tree all the time.  ;-p

The kids decorated it Monday while I was at work.  The breakables had the snap-on clips already attached, so everything got hung with tender lovin' care and raw artistic flair.  Before we put the skirt on it tonight, John Sam vacuumed underneath and around the tree. I was getting the giggles watching him. Then I put the skirt around, he put some presents under, and Caroline put a few more down.  I didn't like the flash going off because I wanted the tree lights reflecting in the TV glass in the picture.  I covered the flash and it gives the pictures a red tint.  I like!


  1. Beautiful, Fran. What a warm Christmas with loving memories you are creating for your children. Buon Natale (Italian!) And happy solstice!

  2. Aunt Laura likes too.... It is simply AMAZING.. Love all and to all a Merrrrrrry Christmas@!~!~! xoxooxxoxox