Monday, December 20, 2010

Repetitive Repetition

I've been realizing of late that I sometimes post stuff I've already posted--quotes, titles of posts, etc.  I have a lot to do otherwise, or I'd be searching and checking my previous posts to find the duplicates.  But it's on the to do list for 2011. 

Everyone is sick at work and those of us who've had it are afraid we're going to get it again.  *shudder*  More repetition?  Is there a pattern emerging here?  ;-D

I did manage to sneak in a little shopping today, now blogging, next is the heating pad in tandem with the Chritstmas cards.  I'm very late this season.  I seem to recall a similar post last year about that same topic . . . lmfao!

Here is the last corny statement I'll repeat:  I'm going to bed early tonight.  xo xo xo xo xo

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