Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aqua Sand and Procrastination

Introducing Aqua Sand, one of the few things that kept both kids occupied for about an hour at the same time.  It comes complete with a great big mess!  It is cool science--educational--and they had fun. I love the pic of them together.


Where did I get my gorgeous red Christmas cactus?  At Publix :)  Then I had to change the background to match it.  :)

The procrastination part of the title is code for supposed to be studying but avoiding studying for that final exam.  I organized everything in chron order so I can re-read it all from start to finish.  I should be able to do it twice before the exam.  I turned in the paper today on my lunch hour, so I have a little leeway on the procrastination scale, ha.

The extra sleep I get from going to bed early tonight will definitely be a good thing.

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