Friday, November 26, 2010

Right of Way Violation

I'll  have to go back and check and see how many times my car has been mentioned on the blog. 


Oh.  Gee.

This looks wayyy worse than it was/is.  We were turning into Burger King and the light was red so traffic was backing up and people were trying off and on to let me go across.  A semi was stopped in the center lane, the car in the lane closest to me slowed down and waved me across. I was thinking, finally, someone else is letting us across and just when I moved into the center lane the semi moved forward.  He didn't see me until he heard the uh, crunch.  Everyone is fine, everyone has insurance, and now everyone's car is driveable.  The semi was unloaded and driven by a really calm guy and his wife.  They weren't upset and asked about me and the kids.  Then we had a super fun time waiting for FHP and AAA, who got there sooner than we expected.  The trooper looked like Andre Braugher and mentioned that I couldn't have been going very fast since my airbag didn't deploy.  Hee!!

We got our Burger King meals while the trooper wrote out the insurance papers and gave me a right of way violation ticket.  The semi driver told the trooper he didn't think I should get one, which I thought was nice, but he was definitely in the right. I felt pretty fortunate about getting a ticket instead of something much worse.

The tow truck driver had the Magic game on the radio while we got our short tow to the house.  John Sam didn't mind the ride.  Caroline didn't like it, and I told her we wouldn't be doing that again anytime soon.

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