Thursday, November 4, 2010


I already put it on Facebook, so I'm putting here too.  I got a 72.5% on the mid-term, which is a D.  I still haven't added up the total points to get the average for the whole class, but I'm guessing it will also fall into the D range.  First thing that comes to mind is, D for dumba$$!

A few things I need to get off my chest.  I really thought the study group and extra review sessions were working.  Even the people in the group said they noticed I was improving. Now I'm disappointed & upset by a low grade instead of being concerned that apparently I still don't get some of the material.  Two answers I changed were correct before I changed them to a wrong answer.  I hate that a LOT.  I need to ponder on why not being one of the smartest in the class bothers me this much.  And I will do that - after I finish this week's homework. lol

I did great on one section that I thought I was going to lose points on.  Actually I had started erasing some of what I'd written, but then Prof. said she was leaving so I had to stop & turn it in.  I ended up getting all possible points on that section.  A small "hee!" will have to go here.....

Tomorrow is Friday so it'll be a good day to stop wallowing and start taking the actions that will help me reach my goal of getting a better grade on the final.

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