Friday, November 5, 2010

Better today

Ok, I feel a little silly after the big pity party from yesterday.  ESPECIALLY since I succumbed to my insecurities and just e-mailed the professor about what letter grade my average comes out to.  She said 70-79 was a C, so that means I got a C on mid-term.  I did my entire average with all the percentages so far and it is.....

wait for it.....


Which means if I bust it for the rest of the class assignments and the final, I could maybe, possibly, hopefully, somehow, someway, if-there-is-a-God-in-the-universe squeak out with a B minus minus.  I'm going to work really hard.

I appreciate all my family and friends giving me encouragement to dust off and get back on the horse. 

LMAO!  xo xo xo xo

PS - Enjoying the cooler weather immensely.  Along with all my other plans, I'm scrapping this weekend 'cause I've been feeling deprived, and I think the weather will be darn near perfect for taking some new pictures.

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