Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tampa Aquarium

Sam and the kids took a day trip with Nana, Papa, Cheryl & Christina to an aquarium in Tampa. I found a link for it online, but when I clicked it, it said they were updating the site so it's not listed here. Last night I charged up the camera, so they took it and Sam got some great photos.

The kids got to see in real life how big certain fish are, how they're fed and how they swim around each other in the tanks. You could see from their smiley faces that they were having a good time! Sam loved the "face" on this manta ray and said it kinda was hanging out by the glass. The alligator one with John Sam is a genuinely funny Kodak moment. How about the tether on that owl?

It looks like they also had tanks where they grow coral. The colors were extremely vivid--I totally wish I could've seen those in person.

Last but not least, a picture of the puffer fish!

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