Thursday, August 13, 2009

Five Years Since Hurricane Charley?

It seems like it's been a while, but not that long since Hurricane Charley came through Orlando. I have a few "before" and "after pictures of the house & yard, and will scan them to post later this weekend. Some of them are almost unbelievable, and it was so much worse in person. I think of how long we went without electricity that first time, and how the inconvenience and stress of that hardship and so many things took a serious toll on everybody who lived here. The other two storms didn't seem nearly as bad since we'd improved our rugged camping-at-home skills. We learned a lot, though. A generator and a window unit AC are a good combination. Flashlights that only cost a dollar aren't that great. Cold showers are underrated!

This weekend we have two different birthday parties to go to, plus an art event (details later). All this means we'll have lots of photo opportunities and you know how happy that makes me.

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