Saturday, August 15, 2009

16th Annual Art Extravaganza

John Sam and Caroline's artwork was chosen for display at the City of Orlando's 16th Annual Art Extravaganza. All the kids from all the City summer camps submitted their creations and several were chosen from each location. It was held at City Hall. They had a large ice cream bar and let all the kids add their own toppings. It was sheer coincidence that both of them chose M&Ms. ;-) They had other photography, mixed media, pottery and both paint and pencil drawings. I wanted to take pictures of some of the ones I liked, but of course since I don't have artists' permission, I wasn't allowed.

I will feature our budding artists by their works, and then show closeups.

John Sam's:


Before we went inside City Hall, I wanted to take some photos in the scenery around the courthouse. I was showing the kids some statues, and a butterfly landed on John Sam's shoulder. It flew off and landed on the ground, and he kept flapping his wings like he was just out of his cocoon and was drying them. After that, he'd fly around and kept going back to John Sam. We figured it was his white shirt. It took a lot of tries, but with a little patience, I did get some awesome ones.

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