Wednesday, March 21, 2012

still not happy

It looks better, but not 100% what I wanted.   Some pictures that were previously centered are now aligned left.  I don't like the look of that.

I hope that sitting in the courthouse today for over 8 hours fulfills my civic obligation to show up for jury duty for a good long while.  I reallllyyyy hope they stop sending me an unusually high number of summons because I know people who haven't ever been summoned.  Yet I get at least 2 per year.  I also know people who would love to serve on a jury.  Why, then, can't those people just do it?  It could be like the do-not-call list.   If you don't mind receiving calls, you don't have to get on the list.  If you don't want to serve, though, there should be a don't-want-to-be-picked-for-jury-duty list that you can sign up for.

Going to Sebring for spring break.  One more workday and then off for a few days!   Woohoo!

Random photos (copyrighted by CGB, photog protegee)



  1. I love the new layout.... I think it is kinda cute... :0) see you guys tomorrow for PIZZA.... Love them and text me when you leave but not while driving... LOL LOL.. Love them xoxoxox The kids are soooooooooooo excited..

  2. Know you don't want to hear this, but I've NEVER been called for jury duty in my whole entire life. Looks as if your daughter is taking some fine pictures these days...Zing looks happy! See you soon! Love them ALL!