Sunday, March 25, 2012


Bloopers are my favorite kinds of photos for all kinds of reasons.

On the last batch of cousin photos, John Sam was the only one wearing shoes.  Who noticed he was the only one wearing shoes this time too?  muahaha



  1. These are too darn cute... :0) On the every last one was xmas right? Because I see that B@#CH'S are and you know who I am talking about bwhahhahahahhha CROP....... Love y'all... xooxoxox :0)

  2. I meant to say that B@#ch's arm not are... Gosh I need my new glasses with my glucoma and all... LMFAO.... I love all the pictures and I love the one with silly faces and peace sign... xoxoxo I love you and them. xooxxxooxooo