Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Burying bones

I've heard about dogs burying their bones, but have never actually seen one do it in real life.  That is, until I watched Zing do it two times in the backyard.  I was impressed by his digging skills, how gently he laid his rawhide down in the hole, and how he used his nose and paw to cover it up.  When I asked him to get the bone, he dug a little with his paws, then flipped it over with his nose, and picked it up.  Pranced off like he was allllll thatttttt..... no chips required.  ;-)


1 comment:

  1. Fran, looks like Master Zing has "mastered" the art of bone/chip burying! Just glad he didn't happen to run in to Mr. Snake. Or did he find a new residence?!? I sent you a picture of an owl landing on a camera & it was amazing! Love her, Mami'p.s. "Miss Smacks" still holds the record for hiding hers & keeping them "organized", however!