Monday, February 6, 2012

In the light

If my new header finally works properly, you'll see a picture I took on a Saturday morning a couple of weeks back.  I'd say we are definitely "in the light" - which is wayyy different from "going into the light" - lmfao!  These photographs turned out to my satisfaction even though Zing was not too interested in waiting for me to get my composition just right.


In the 4th one, it looks like light shining off the water, but it was actually fog.  In the last two, there are 2 ducks in the water to help show the difference between reflection and real land.

I was one with nature after these.

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  1. I love you the view!~!~! Nice, sweet, loving.... QUIET.... I love you and them xooxxoxooxo WE misssssss you. Send me those dates... bwahahhahah :0)