Monday, August 22, 2011

Third and Fifth

The fifth grader and the third grader got it done for the first day of school.  They always stay up too late the night before and have trouble waking up (tree meets apples).  We got everything done somehow, ran out the door and JS reminded me that I need to take pictures!  I had the camera out already....

Picture of them last year on first day of school

This year's pictures on 22 August 2011

Goober alert:  I usually loved the first day of school!  However, it doesn't seem like JS or CG got the goober gene. 

xo xo xo


  1. OMG!~!~ Now they look like they are so grown.... I hope they have a great school year... Can't wait to see ya'll this weekend.. XOXOXOOX Love all <:0) Aunt Waura and kids..

  2. Hewhoa! The kids look soooooooo big, especially John Sam. How is the blog slacker of all time? Hope your class is great & that you will be enjoying it. I got the root beer for our pizza night & am NOT getting the kids a bunch of sugar. I would like for you to bring 1 bag of their popcorn..have a good movie for them also! It just came out! Keep praying that the hurricane misses us! Much love to you & the kids & of course, Miss Jones! See you soon! WAHOO!